Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

You don't have to wait for Congress to raise your taxes to give the government MORE of your money. Lead by example and #PayYourFairShareFirst.

You’re not alone.

Countless millionaires and billionaires like you feel trapped in a tax system that just doesn’t take enough of their money. Also like you, these wealthy liberals mistakenly think the only way to give Washington more of their money is to force a new burdensome tax code on everyone.

“Most wouldn’t mind being told to pay more taxes…particularly when so many of their fellow citizens are truly suffering.”

Warren Buffett
Chairman & CEO,
Berkshire Hathaway

avoided paying billions in taxes for decades by taking advantage of what’s been called “the Buffett Loophole”
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“I should be paying more taxes, and people who are in the bracket of making millions of dollars, or whatever the number might be, should be paying more taxes.”

Bill Gates
Founder, Chairman, & Former CEO, Microsoft

donates billions to charity instead of the government, led Microsoft while it moved profits offshore to dodge billions in taxes
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“The headline is here: I should be paying more taxes, and people who make this kind of revenue and are of means should pay more taxes.”

Howard Schultz
Former Chairman & CEO, Starbucks

co-founded venture capital group that invested in a financial firm that helped the wealthy dodge hundreds of millions in taxes
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Give your money to Congress. NOW.


Why wait for Congress to take your money? #PayYourFairShareFirst and give it to them!

You don’t have to force the millions of working Americans you care so much about into yet another complicated tax system that wastes their time and their hard-earned money.

Give to a Government in Need